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Miranda is a game world that I started at Purdue University in January 1991 and ran continuously for two years when I took a hiatus after moving to Cincinnati. Eventually I restarted the world with a new gaming group and ran continuously until 1998 when I began to interleave my fantasy stories with other games. However, I kept this game world alive because of the fantastic stories that have taken place here.

I originally ran the game under HERO 4th Edition from 1991 until 1998. At that time I wanted to run more of a low fantasy game so I dabbled in HARN, Fuzion, and even my heavily modified version of Chivalry and Sorcery - in the end none of these satisfied me and so in 2011 I decided to move in a different direction and include a more story-telling system called FATE. I am currently using a slightly modified version of Legends of Anglerre and am very happy with the outcome so far.

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