This is the crunchy stuff under which the game is run. I have run Miranda in many different rule systems, some of which were so short that they will not be listed below. I am only going to list those systems that saw significant work and/or playtime.

Chivalry and Sorcery

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This is the current system that I run most of the my Miranda games under. It is a older-style crunchy system that I have heavily modified to suit my needs. It provided me with the more low-level type of game as opposed to my high-fantasy game under the HERO system.


Main Article: HERO Games

This was the original system that I developed most of the world under. In fact, there are still several artifacts from my time running the world under HERO that have survived. I still run the occasional game in Miranda under the HERO system, but it is mostly for my original players.

Dungeons and Dragons

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These rules pertain to the 3.5 version of the D&D rules set.